Age is just a number. There are those who believe that with a certain age, a certain way of life should follow. And there are those who believe that age really is just a number. As the DJ-ing scene continues to evolve and expand, the culture is starting to become much more inclusive of those who have seemingly “passed their prime.” There are a growing number of DJ who have entered or are beyond their golden, 50-year jubilee and went on to continue their DJ careers. Here are 5 legendary DJs at 50 years old who have left their mark on the music world.

Hamed Wardak and Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills is one of the most well-known American DJs in the world of techno. He is one of the founding members of the Underground Resistance from Detroit. While Mills has distanced himself from the UR organization, his releases during his time with the UR has defined his unique stylistic approach to DJ-ing, mixing elements of industrial techno with hardcore acid. He went on to move to New York in 1992 where he found residency at the Limelight and established his own label, Axis.

fatboy slim on hamed wardak music

Fatboy Slim

Born July 31, 1963 in England, Norman Cook, better known as Fatboy Slim, began DJ-ing when he moved to Brighton to earn his degree. He began his career as a successful solo artist by remixing Erik B and Rakim’s “I Know You Got Soul” sometime in the 80s. After having success with Beats International, a band Slim founded in the 90s, he went on to focus on his roles as a club DJ. His style of writing would become known as big beat, for which Slim is mostly known for today.

David-Morales and Hamed Wardak

David Morales

A globally famous American DJ, David Morales is a Grammy award-winning producer and remixer. He is often referred to as a pioneer of techno and dance music, having worked with names such as Michael Jackson, Madonna and Mariah Carey. Despite all of his success and his age, Morales can still be seen DJ-ing at clubs in Ibiza and all over the world.

Carl Coxz and Hamed Wardak

Carl Cox

Carl Cox is a British techno DJ and producer. Mostly known for his “Music is Revolution” residency in the renowned Space Ibiza club, Cox has been a mainstage DJ since the 1980s. In 1999, he, along with DJ C1, started his own record label, Intec Digital. Carl Cox now features his very own “Carl Cox & Friends” performance at many different festivals, like Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival

Chrui Liebling and the Hamed Wardak blog music

Chris Liebing

Chris Liebing became a DJ resident for the first time at a small Giessen club called the “Red Brick” in 1991. As the club began to close up shop around 1995, Liebing started working for Eye-Q Records in Frankfurt, Germany where he met his friend Andrew Walter. He and Walter established a studio and after a few months, Liebing became resident DJ at OMEN in Frankfurt. From there, he created a label, Fine Audio Recordings and would later go on to receive worldwide recognition with his “Audio 07” and “Audio 11” releases.

Hamed Wardak currently splits his time between his home in New York City and On the island of Puerto Rico. (Hamed) Wardak is the son of a former defense minister for Afghanistan. Hamed Wardak is an entrepreneur and recently joined the techno music world, creating, producing, and performing his new artistry in underground techno clubs all over the world. Hamed Wardak is known as Valen of Wicked.

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