Aspiring music producers often struggle to get their work noticed by different blogs and music networks. In the past, many blogs and music networks accepted music submissions for free. However, times have changed. There are still several outlets for music producers to have their work noticed. Here is a look at some blogs that offer free music promotion.
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For over a decade, Aurgasm has exposed listeners to an eclectic group of musical acts. The blog looks for hidden gems from all over the world. Aurgasm strives to promote different, yet enjoyable music. Music journalists rely on Aurgasm to learn about new artists. The blog was featured in The Boston Globe, MSNBC, and TechCrunch. Aurgasm spotlights genres such as jazz, cuban, electro, soul, bluegrass, and folk. 


Consequence Of Sound

Consequence of Sound strives to serve as a bridge between underground music and pop culture. The publication has accumulated millions of fans for its reliability regarding music. Consequence of Sound has been featured on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. Consequence of Sound is known for its innovative choices for song of the week. 

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Dancing Astronaut

Dancing Astronaut supports the global dance music community. The company gives people an inside look into the dance and electronic music culture. Dancing Astronaut is a symbol of dance music’s identity and its connection to people all around the World. Dancing Astronaut is proud to be an independent content source. Every month, Dancing Astronaut highlights up and coming artists.

Dance Music North West

Based out of the Pacific Northwest, Dance Music Northwest is one of the region’s largest nightlife websites and EDM magazines. Dance Music North West has been honored for providing readers with information on new music, events, and club listings. The magazine also publishes several feature interviews a month. Dance Music North West strives to stay local and prove that small EDM companies can be successful. Dance Music North West looks for music that they believe will enhance the Northwest electronic music scene.

Raver Rafting

Raver Rafting is a top source for electronic dance music news, reviews, and profiles. The company has over 2 million fans through multiple social media accounts. Raver Rafting is also known for doing special giveaways every few months.

Gorilla vs Bear and Hamed Wardak

Gorilla vs Bear

Gorilla vs Bear is a blog that looks at trending artists regardless of genre. Gorilla vs Bear has been honored by Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Pitchfrk, The Independent, and The Huffington Post. Gorilla vs Bear also has a weekly radio show. The blog is known for highlighting artists using classic photographic media.
Hamed Wardalk and EDM joy


EDM JOY gives fans access to important news concerning the genre. The blog also publishes special interviews and free downloads.

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For the last 3 years, SohBlog has provided visitors with access to exclusive new music and interviews. Artists are always welcome to submit their music.


ElectroJams covers the latest news in dubstep, techno, progressive house, trance, and hip hop. ElectroJams also interviews emerging artists and provides information on upcoming festivals and events.

The Music Ninja

The Music Ninja is a multi-genre music site that strives to highlight the best music in the World. The Music Ninja searches for talented artists who are looking to grow their fan base. The site is also known for releasing popular remixes and mashups on their Music Ninja radio platform.

EDM Nations 

EDM Nations helps music fans stay up to date on information regarding festivals, producers, and DJs. The site releases new music every week.

Hamed Wardak currently splits his time between his home in New York City and On the island of Puerto Rico. (Hamed) Wardak is the son of a former defense minister for Afghanistan. Hamed Wardak is an entrepreneur and recently joined the techno music world, creating, producing, and performing his new artistry in underground techno clubs all over the world. Hamed Wardak is known as Valen of Wicked.

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