10 Techno Classics Everyone Should Know

Techno is a popular genre of electronic dance music or EDM. It is characterized by a repetitive “four on the floor” beat and is generally used in continuous DJ sets. The tempo of techno is generally between 120 and 150 beats per minute (BPM), making it a fast-paced and enjoyable type of music. It also has little to no lyrics. Techno originated in the mid-1980s in Detroit, Michigan, and has been climbing the top charts ever since then. Techno would not have gotten to where it is now without some of its most popular, founding tracks. Listed below are ten of the top tracks which boosted techno to wear it is now.

1. DJ Rolando – Jaguar

DJ Rolando (born Rolando Rocha) is a Mexican-American DJ from Detroit, Michigan. DJ Rolando specializes in techno and is a member of Detroit’s famous “Underground Resistance, a group renowned for their militant political and anti-corporate ethos. He is best known for his song “Jaguar” which is a hypnotic techno track that peaked at number 43 on the UK Singles Chart in 2000.

2. Oxia – Domino

Oxio is a French DJ and producer with a career spanning over twenty years. He spent years touring extensively around the world and is best known for his track “Domino.” This track has over 20 million views on YouTube and is still regularly played today.

3. Ben Klock – Subzero

Ben Klock is one of Germany’s most respected DJs, producers, and record label owners. He regularly plays some of Berlin’s top techno clubs as well as at massive festivals all around the world. In 2006, he founded the record label Klockworks. One of his most well-known tracks, “Subzero,” is a classic dark techno hit full of synth and propulsive percussion.

4. Alexander Kowalski – Speaker Attack

Alexander Kowalski is a techno DJ and producer based in Germany. In 2002, he released an EDM anthem called “Speaker Attack,” which is still widely played in clubs all around the world.

5. Robert Hood – Minus

Robert Hood is a Detroit, Michigan based techno producer who is also a founding member of the group “Underground Resistance.” In 1994, he released the hit track “Minus” which proved how much can be done with such minimalistic and simplistic sounds.

6. DJ Umek – Lanicor

DJ Umek is a Slovenian techno producer and DJ. He has been in the EDM scene since 1993, and owns several techno record labels. In 1999, he released his hit track “Lanicor,” which still inspires DJs today.

7. Dave Clarke – Wisdom to the Wise

Dave Clarke, also known as “The Baron of Techno,” is an English DJ and techno music producer. This funky techno track was inspired by a lyric to an older “house” track and became a classic played at clubs everywhere.

8. Laurent Garnier – The Man With the Red Face

Laurent Garnier is a French electronic music producer and DJ. He began making music in the late 1980s and his style ranges from Detroit techno to trance. In 2000, he released “The Man With the Red Face,” a harder techno track which quickly became his most famous and a techno classic.

9. Green Velvet – Destination Unknown

Green Velvet, also known as “Cajmere” and Curtis Jones, is an American DJ and music producer. His single, “Destination Unknown,” quickly became one of the top techno tracks to hit the Chicago music scene. It is now a classic and played at clubs all over the world.

10. Marco Carola – 7th Question

Marco Carola is a DJ and techno music producer from Napoli, Italy. In 2001, he released his hit track “7th Question,” which was instrumental in bringing the techno Napolitano scene to clubs all over the world.

Hamed Wardak currently splits his time between his home in New York City and On the island of Puerto Rico. Hamed Wardak grew up the son of a former defense minister for Afghanistan. Hamed Wardak is an entrepreneur and recently joined the techno music world, creating, producing, and performing his new artistry in underground techno clubs all over the world. Hamed Wardak is known as Valen of Wicked.

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