hamed Wardak and Miami techno music week
Festivals and concerts are some of the biggest losses to Miami’s Spring Break and tourism this season due to Coronavirus. Some of the biggest festivals have canceled or postponed such as the Winter Music Conference, Ultra Music Festival and SXSW. That is not even mentioning all the smaller concert and club venues that have had to postpone for a later date. However, Miami Music Week parties are still moving forward amid the pandemonium surrounding the pandemic.
To hades with Corona, let’s party!
By now, everyone has seen the infamous pictures and videos of Florida’s crowded beaches and hard-partying college students eager to drink their sorrows away. The same sort of carefree attitude can also be said for Miami Music Week. Many of the events are being held in private clubs and locations meaning it is up to the organization to cancel or not. It also depends on the governing district whether a party will be canceled if the local government has put a ban on large crowds and gatherings. However, parties are still moving forward despite the general public concern for the COVID-19 virus.

The parties that will be put on will feature local talent, and they are sure to get even wilder given the sense of prohibition in the air. Sometimes, you feel invincible, and the only way to escape the outside world is to let loose on the dance floor.

List of Parties still being promoted

The following parties are some that will be going forward for the moment unless otherwise clarified:

Music On Pool Party
Drumcode Label Showcase
Miami Music Week Parties
The World Of Drum and Bass
Miami Music Week Parties
Mau5trap Pool Party
miami music week and hamed wardak
The parties include some of the best locations in Miami such as the Music On Pool Party at the Surfcomber hotel. This is one of the best places to see and be seen if you love the local music crowd. If you love a good hard techno beat, then you need to join the party at legendary Ibiza style club Space where Drumcode will be mixing. This is the closing party that will go for 36 hours straight of non-stop raging techno tunes. Iconic DJ Deadmau5 will also be spinning at his own pool party where you can dance the night away without a care at the Delano Beach Club. Overall, Miami Music Week is proving to be a bright spot in the overall doom and gloom seen at the moment. Rave on, but be safe.

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