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Growing and climbing higher in Belfast dance music

Belfast is quickly becoming a sough-after place for U.K. dance music. Local DJs are making names for themselves on the global scene. Going out and partying in Belfast feels like you are constantly among friends. Promoters, DJs, clubs and patrons all mix freely and know each other on a personal level. The sense of community is what seems to set the Belfast electronic music scene apart from other large cities. The sense of belonging is crucial to everyone as it is clear that there is space for everyone in this tight knit community.

Where to begin? Shine on.

The parties in Belfast are also gaining a name for themselves as well. Local clubs started out pupping fast beats and unmistakeable bangers that have caught on in the rest of the world. People are now heading to Belfast for its music scene and to experience in the origins of some of their favorite DJs and mythic clubs of Belfast like Shine. This club has a way of bringing people of different backgrounds together, and its where many locals say their journey into electronic music started. Shine’s popularity continues along with its influence in Belfast. In fact, the owners now run several clubs and music festivals in the region that attract some of the biggest names in the business.

One local legendary duo, Bicep, has hit dance music with hit after hit—most notably “Glue” which has been nominated for song of the decade. There melodic techno and deep house sounds have set the stage for other local DJs. The duo is widely feted and has played time and time again in local clubs. In late summer of 2018, the duo performed at the final race held at club Bunatee where ravers punched their way through the low roof. The energy found in the Belfast dance music scene is electric, and it shows no sign of slowing down.
belfast and Hamed Wardak

Diversifying the scene with new blood

Techno and house music tend to be most popular, but local promoters are trying to change that by diversifying the mix. They are throwing intimate parties that reflect the large and varied themes of dance music from garage to ambient. The goal is to help broaden the selection in the local scene and help local talent grow their breadth. While some locals might be tempted to Berlin or London, locals who love the scene have stayed to help transform Belfast into the music destination it is quickly becoming. The crows in Belfast are eager for the next, new thing. There is a change in the air, and it is quickly adapting to what the crows is demanding.

Of course, nostalgia remains as one of the more popular newest arrivals is a converted men’s club. The place still has the original tacky carpet and wooden booths, but with a better sound system and added glittering purple curtains. The crowds flock to this place each weekend eager to dance off their worries in Belfast’s ever changing and vibrant dance music scene.

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