Hamed Wardak Creates Techno Music Magic Through Valen of Wicked

Hamed Wardak is an artist. a businessman, and a musician. He has an interesting history, present professional landscape, and an interestingly musical future. Hamed Wardak will certainly impact the world through his business partnerships and his techno music.


A Little Bit of Background on Hamed Wardak

Born in 1977 in Afghanistan, Hamed Wardak is the son of General Abdul Rahim Wardak, a well-known national resistance leader. Following in his father’s footsteps, Hamed Wardak has worked throughout his life and is currently working to promote the most important thing of all: world peace.

And, while that goal may seem lofty, so did his father’s original goals, which, as chance may have it, played out wonderfully and set a positive example for this young man. Wardak’s father was vital in the Soviet aggression and occupation of Afghanistan in his day. He served as an important resistance leader, gaining traction against the Soviets. It’s no wonder that, with a role model like this one to look up to, Hamed Wardak turned out as he did.

Education and Work

So, you may be wondering, how exactly did Hamed Wardak turn out, and what makes him stand apart from others like him. It all starts with the wise path that he took in his life.

Always one to value education and to understand its importance, Wardak graduated from Georgetown University in 1997. He was the valedictorian of his class and earned his degree in Government and Political Theory. He was also named a Rhodes Scholar, no small feat.

Later, he would work for the Merrill Lynch Company, handling massive mergers and acquisitions. He was also the Private Envoy to the United States for the Afghan Finance Minister and served as Managing Director for International Operations at Technologists, Inc. During his time there, he played a vital role in creating building contracts in Afghanistan.

From his education to his early career, Wardak proved himself as someone who was global-minded, ready to tackle any challenge, and always looking forward to the future and to what really matters most.

More Than A Business Man

While Hamed Wardak certainly proved himself as a skilled businessman, he was also much more, and his aspirations were always to be much more. From his time as a young child, he knew that everything he did had to, at its core, have one main focus: making the world a better place to be for all people from across all nationalities.

He started his additional and most important work as a Board member of the Campaign for a US Afghanistan Partnership. Outside of this work, he also made efforts to create a new and improved relationship between his home country and the United States, focusing on being both democratic and pan-ethnic.

He did all of this out of a firm belief and understanding of the fact that many Afghans wish to be more democratic in terms of their government, which is knowledge he gained by actually talking to, interviewing, and just generally interacting with the people who call Afghanistan home, something far too few of the world’s current leaders have done.

A Man of Music

In addition to his valiant efforts to promote world peace, Wardak has also nurtured a love of music throughout his life. However, his goal, unlike so many, wasn’t simply to be a famous musician and to aspire to fame. Instead, he wanted to use his music to promote peace, especially to the younger crowd, who he feels will one day be the future of the world.

As such, he chose a new, musical name for himself: The “Valen of Wicked.” Through this persona, he brings a new blend of techno music that fuses the various cultures that are a part of him. And, so far, like all his other endeavors, these musical meanderings have been successful. He has gained much praise from major electronic music houses in New York City, as well as fans from all over the globe.

A man of many talents and with an important message to share, both through his music, his history, and the many amazing things he has done for both the business world and the real, everyday world, Hamed Wardak is a man who is going places and who has much to give. All people have to do is listen.